about me

I'm bad at introducing myself but lemme try.

Hi, i'm Esha. Pronounced ee-sha, which is counterintuitive, but we're gonna deal with it. I'm 23, from Mumbai, and currently a graduate student at the New School in New York.

This blog is meant to be an exercise in convincing myself that my words matter even if they haven't been published by some big-shot magazine. For years I thought that starting a blog myself would be kinda stupid because nobody really reads anymore, and also why would anyone read a no-name's blog?

Long story short: I realized I don't really... care... if anyone doesn't read this because I'm doing this to keep a record of my life for the future. But also, reading's  popular again?

Of course, if you do wanna read this, don't let me stop you. It's public for a reason; I'd actually love it if you read this. In fact, I suggest you subscribe. I'll have a blog post out every week, sometimes even more. Depends on how much I need to document.

Some quick facts:

  • I'm a Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Virgo rising. I don't care that you don't care.
  • Most of the blog posts here have been written drunk.
  • I'm an OG Tumblr bitch.

So, reader, I hope you stick around to read all the wack shit I'm about to write. I also hope that you do the thing that you've wanted to do for years, because now that I'm doing my thing it feels really fucking good.